Mikvah.org was founded in 5735 - 1975 and has been at the forefront of building Jewish homes ever since.

Mikvah.org is a division of Machne Israel that was created to educate, inspire and enlighten the general public about the mitzvah of Family Purity and Jewish family life.

Observance of Mikvah brings G-d into the marriage, elevating the physical to the sublime.

Mikvah.org is dedicated to bringing awareness and a deeper understanding of Mikvah to women worldwide via the internet by using state of the art technology to serve the world-wide Jewish community.

Mikvah.org offers many services to the community including educational resources, informative events, assistance for communities in need of a Mikvah, an unprecedented app that helps women be on top of the different halachos associated with different times in their cycles, and so much more! By partnering with us in the vital work that we do, every single day, you are helping thousands of couples from around the world preserve the purity and G-dliness in marriage through the fulfillment of the mitzvah of Mikvah.

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